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Ligue 1

Ligue 1

Today, it became much easier to follow information about Ligue 1 thanks to the site of sports statistics. It offers the results of matches, as well as the schedule of upcoming events, which will allow you to learn more news about your favorite championship.

The current season in France will definitely go down in history. On the one hand, speaking of the championship itself, nothing really happened, since PSG already confidently topped the standings from the start. On the other hand, the failures of Monaco and Toulouse, which were determined to compete in European competition. As a result, resignations of coaches and new heroes of the French championship.

Monaco’s fail is especially epic livescore.org. The previous season, the team finished second in the standings and qualified for the Champions League. However, because of the ill-conceived transfer campaign, this time the Monegasques did not show even half of what was expected of them. After half of the Ligue 1 season, they are in the relegation zone, and, which is doubly insulting to the fans, this situation is completely reasonable.

Take a look at flashlivescore in order to not miss anything important from the world of the French championship.

Monaco’s Prospects in Second Half of Season

Many understand perfectly well that Monaco landed in the relegation zone rather unexpectedly and in terms of its potential, this is a team that must fight for places in the European cups zone. The problem is that its new players still need to find mutual understanding, because many of them have joined the team only this summer. There is almost no doubt that in the second half of the season the team will be able to improve their position in the standings, even though Thierry Henry is now far from being successful. The trumps of Monaco include:

Long bench. However, this season the team was overwhelmed by a series of injuries, which affected its results.

Individual skills level. , Golovin — all of them are the real stars of Ligue 1, who are able to decide the fate of the match singlehandedly.
Weakness of rivals.Falcao and Sidibe Against the background of their rivals, the Monegasques look much more convincing, they just cannot find their stable game yet.

In the second half of the season, Monaco no longer has the right to make mistakes, because the team came too close to the dangerous zone. Let’s see how quickly it will manage to rectify the situation; perhaps the new players will help, who joined the team this winter. Together with our site, you will end up the first one to have the most recent details.

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